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Business Performance Consulting

During the boom times companies have focused on revenue growth, with optimization flying under the radar. Hazak have a proven track record of working with clients in creating cost reduction schemes that can be more effective than revenue growth strategies.
Most importantly, we have found that an effective cost optimization project can improve your business’s internal and external service levels by simplifying and refining existing processes.
Three major trends will amplify the focus on operations:  Increased competitive pressure: globalization has led to the introduction of new low-cost players and market entrants who are using strong operational levers to differentiate themselves (e.g. new value chains, outsourcing and offshoring), Increased customer expectations: The balance of power has reversed, with customers becoming increasingly sophisticated given their greater access to information and the ability to instantly compare offerings in today’s more transparent business environment.  Increased service offerings: Across many industries, both B2B and B2C, customers are expecting products to be accompanied by a ‘package’ of customized services that improve the customer experience and differentiate a business’s offering from the competition.
Hazak helps industry leaders to push the boundaries of operational excellence across the whole value chain. We have particularly strong experience in lean manufacturing, innovation & product development, purchasing, production & maintenance, capital committed and SG&A.
Our tried and tested methodology is personalized to meet two challenges: Aligning operations with strategic decisions, Making real changes that lead to continual improvements and deliver sustainable profit levels throughout the entire organization

M&A and Private Equity

Hazak has been engaged in several projects for Venture Capital firms and/or Private Equity Funds.  For these projects, Hazak was active in assisting with valuation, 100 day action plan after transaction, post merger integration, PMO, and organizational assessment of target companies (to be acquired).  We have also worked with smaller companies that required funding and assistance in a complex transaction.

Revenue Enhancement and Go To Market Strategy

This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs for growth. We provide customized solutions to all of our clients, and we are extremely results-oriented professionals. Hazak will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process and guarantee success.  We believe that revenue enhancement is the single most important goal for any company and we will create a state of the art Go to Market strategy for our customers, independent from their industry or size.  Our experiences include: pricing definition, sales organization design, sales incentives, account strategy, target markets and marketing strategies.

Interim Management and Board Assistance

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since the foundation of HAZAK, we’ve provided our clients with a wide range of interim management services to fill in key strategic roles.  Our  executives have also been present on several boards, ensuring that productive discussions take place

Corporate Strategy

Assisting our clients in their strategic choices is part of Hazak's core business:

  • Growth strategy: determining and implementing profitable growth scenarios

  • Turnaround strategy: defining breakthrough recovery scenarios for struggling businesses potentially marked for disposal

  • Portfolio strategy: determining the most profitable options in terms of positioning, identifying assets for disposal, disposal value and potential buyers

  • “Make or buy”: defining the best strategy for support functions (in-house, subcontracting, joint venture, spin-off)

  • Business model: finding the most suitable cost strategy

  • Strategic oversight: defining and implementing key KPIs to track performance

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